Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all at Merry Christmas from me and the furries here.

May all your wishes come true, and your days be peaceful.

I have finally finished work and am somewhat exhausted, I only have today and tomorrow off and then it is back to work. Retail is not the best job for anyone. It can be challenging and tiring, and my thoughts are with my colleagues, some of whom are currently still in work - just to fuel people's needs to shop at increasingly long hours, and at wierd times. I would have thought that shift workers have sympathy with shop workers.

This festive season, as always as shown me the best of people, and the worst of people. The kind of people who would be the first to kick off if they were being rudely treated by shop staff; are usually the kind of people kicking off against us. Next time you go shopping; spare a smile and maybe a merry christmas/happy new year for the person working very hard for not much money - just so you can do some last minute shopping. It won't cost you anything, but it always brightens my day when I feel appreciated rather than like some slave there to give people whatever they want.

They say, that the customer is always right. I can tell you for a fact that they are very often wrong.

People amaze me. in fact, I was reading "Unseen Academicals" in bed this morning, and would like to share a quote that made me smile...

"He didn't like the general public much, an affliction that affects many who have to deal with the general public over a long period of time...."

It's true. The more I see of people in general, the more bitter and angry people make me.

Because I happen to work in a shop, it does not make customers better than me. Something else customers seem to forget. They are ALWAYS suprised when they demand to see the manager (i'm assistant manager but work on opposite shifts to the store manager) and out trots a 5"7 blonde 27 year old, who to be honest with you, looks much younger. I'm sure they would pass out if they knew I have a hard earned psychology degree.

I then also get no respect because....wait for it.....I am not a man.

Surely I can speak to a man in charge?

No, you are stuck with me. If you are nice and polite, you are likely to get whatever you want within reason. If you are agressive or rude, I will dig my heels in and give you nothing. What angers me more, is if the manager is in, he comes out and says exactly the same thing and the customer says "oh, ok then" and goes off happy!!

If you have a problem, be nice, polite and calm and understand that whatever the problem is, it is unlikely to be the fault of the person infront of you and we are people too.

Also, don't try to tell me your watch is faulty because the stones don't sparkle as much as the one in the window, because you wear yours all the time AND DON'T CLEAN IT! Dirty things are dirty because you haven't cleaned them, not because they are supposed to stay pristine forever.

Not that my 'day job' frustrates

Then you get the other customers who are lovely and appreciate you. I will always go the extra mile for these people. I had someone take my name the other day so he could write a positive letter to head office for me; a lady yesterday who couldn't thank me enough for getting a second thing repaired at no extra charge to her.

I am always trying to do my best and it's nice to know that occasionally people notice.

So yes, be it the person packing your bags at tesco, or the frustrated shift manager at a jewellery store - be nice, smile and thank them - cos you might just make their day.   :-)

I work long hours, till late at night, 10/11 hour shifts on a saturday - for less than £12,000 a year after tax. it really is one of the worst jobs out there. I shall chill out now and enjoy my 2 days of holiday, before I go back to being abused by people who don't like/don't want/doesn't fit christmas gifts and it all starts over again.

On the up side, I have a comission and I hope to share with you each stage of the bear's progress, hopefully that way his new mum can see him come together. I've got the most lovely mohair to make him out of - it's strokeably soft, and some lovely pink tipped synthetic for another bear.

Here's hoping you all have a joyful time, and ignore me being a bit grinchy, I've been on midnight shifts this week!

love Julia and the fluffs here xxx

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Exciting News!

Avaliable from, Come 3 Emo Bears;

My first bears to be made commercially avalible to the general public.

They'd be happy if you want to drop by and visit them! ....

Exciting times! Now I'd better get sewing!!

Ornament revealed...

Here he is....The little bear of my dreams (well nightmares...)

I've used the picture that Tami took of him - she's better at it than me. This little man is about 4" high, with a double neck joint - which was the source of my frustration often, I love the effect it gives but it's VERY fiddly when you are using tiny necks and tiny disks!!

He's fully jointed with cotter pins, and hand shaded.

I made his little chain myself out of aluminum jump rings (yet another craft I have discovered)

He's also got little pulled toes, of which I am quite proud...

You can see how my skills don't compare to Tami's!!

Still, it broke my heart to part with the little guy after I made him - but he was made to bring some holiday cheer and I know he will be very much Cherished by his new Mum.

I can't wait to recieve mine!!

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Stitch has a blog.

For anyone interested, I have started a blog, just for Stitch.

It will be a great way to inform people of his health issues and care - also his progress, People are always asking after him and I'd rather not clog up my bear blog with his news.

He has his own space here -

if you would like to learn more about him, please follow him - but don't feel like you have to - I don't think he's be offended as he's pretty easy going.

Best wishes, Julia xxx

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

A new Bear is Revealed

I say Revealed, Because this sweet little guy has been with me for a while,
I made him back in October, when things were a little more settled than they are right now.

He's my take on a more 'traditional' style of bear, with nice short sparse mohair.

I like his ears, and his sweet expression.

I haven't really formally named him. although he reminds me a lot of Sooty - don't you think?

I'll leave it to his new Mum.

Yes, this guy is spoken for and will be going to live up in Scotland, I hope he likes snow!

He's going to live with the lovely friend who made my logo for me as a thank you.

Hope you enjoyed meeting him!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Off to the Post Office...

My ornament is being posted today, but it has a fair way to go!

Hope he has a pleasant journey!

Friday, 20 November 2009

Ornament Sneek Peak...

And that's all you're getting until he's arrived at his new home.......

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Just a quickie...

Just a note really, to say I finished my Christmas Ornament bear tonight. He's super sweet and I'd love to keep him! I might post a sneak peek at him soon; But don't want to reveal him all, as it would spoil the suprise for the recipent if she saw it!

I am honoured to be sending a bear to this person as it is someone whose work I greatly admire, and hope they aren't too disappointed by my less than perfect creation!

Once I have confirmation that bear has arrived, I will post 'proper' pictures.

Suffice it to say, I will never, ever make a bear of this size or that pattern ever again. Never.

Mini bears were not designed to be double neck jointed, but somehow I pulled it off. It was difficult enough that I won't try that one again!

He's made of the most lovely Tyber synthetic though - and the good news is, I just managed to pick up some more on eBay tonight. I like to sit and just stroke it.... tehehehe.

It's nice to have finally finished a bear of my own design again.

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all my friends,
All around the world.

May your night be filled with frights and Fun.

Love Julia @ Emo Bears xxx

Monday, 26 October 2009

Vet visit update

Just a little update on our Vet visit today.

The vet was pleased with Stitch's progress as his wieght has remained stable since his last dental :-)

Just had to pick up some more pain killers, as my little man needs daily medication now to keep him eating, If he doesn't get his painkillers he eats around half the amount that he does on them. His roots cause him pain whilst he eats.

In himself he is fairly chirpy and happy just now. Long may it continue, and hopefully it will be a while before he needs another dental operation.

I have almost finished a bear!!! Although it is not one of my patterns, i wanted a little bear to put on my handbag, so I have gone with a Jenny Loves Benny twinkee pattern - although mine looks nowhere near as nice as one made by Jenny.

Despite following advice from all the lovely people at Teddy Talk Forum, I am still ending up with one nice tight eye and one looser *sigh*. Think i will have to experiment with where to tie it off - simply pushing and pulling with two people is not working for me at all.

Here is my handsome chunky boy before his dental problems.
I love You Stitch, no matter what. xxx

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Anniversary Give Away at Bear Bits!

To celebrate their Silver Anniversary of Bear Making,
Bear Bits are giving away this special Christmas themed bear - Isn't she special?
Go check out this magical blog for a chance to win!

On a personal note, Stitch is doing ok, but his painkillers are due to run out tomorrow, So we will be visiting his vet to see what is next for my little boy.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Dramas again!

Well, I am all too aware that I have gone quiet again! Life is conspiring against me.

Shortly after the ball, my beloved Chinchilla, Stitch has become ill again and has needed a lot of my time. He is suffering from Malaclussion, which is a nasty and all too common ailment in Chinchillas. He is only young (in a couple of weeks he will be 3) so it is more than likely it was inherited from his parents. As a rescessive gene it is one of the sad facts of chinchilla life; no matter how hard the breeders try to eradicate it, it always crops up. Having lost leroy, who came home at the same time as Stitch (Stitch was 4 months, Leroy 3 months) it is a huge blow to have this diagnosis hanging over him.

Malaclussion (commonly just called 'Mal') is technically a mis alignment of the teeth or jaw. This can cause the teeth to wear unevenly and develop what is know as 'spurs'. Spurs are like spikes that form on the side of the teeth (sometimes inside, others outside); These can cut the tongue and cheeks causing problems eating - which of course, leads to wieght loss, starvation and gut stasis - which is a major problem in itself. Spurs are treatable - they are filed down by vets to allow the mouth to heal.

Stitch is suffering from Root elongation as well; this is part of Mal, and a terminal one at that. With Chinchillas the teeth grow constantly, pushing upwards.When the teeth are not worn down correctly, or quickly enough, the tooth roots grow instead. This causes the bottom roots to grow out through the lower jaw, and the top roots grow into the sinuses, eye sockets and if left, eventully the brain.

Stitch suffers from constant eye discharge, as his roots are already in his eyes.

This of course is fatal, and I have to face facts that when he has had enough, it will be my job to let him go in peace, without pain. He has pain killers now, to ease his suffering.

He had some spurs trimmed off last monday, as he was loosing weight.Most of the week he has had to be syringe fed every few hours, 24 hours a day. He is now finally, starting to eat for himself, and I am finally finding some time for me again.

Seeing as it has only been one month since his previous dental, I suspect he may need then monthly unless I can get him eating hay; to wear his teeth. Something he has refused to do for a couple of months now - probably due to his root pain.

The first few days, he was really miserable; but he soon perked up and is his usual cheeky little self; bouncing about, looking for treats.

Hopefully we have turned a corner, he has totally fed himself for the last 24 hours.

I managed to stuff a bear today - my 'secret project' bear from the Teddy Tutor - I am liking the double neck joint, very much. I am learning loads!

I also tried a new craft the other day, Chain Maille - it's great! You make jewellery out of the humble Jump Ring - following traditional Chain mail patterns; it's relaxing, addictive and quick! Hooray!

Hope to have some more news for you all soon!

Bear Hugs,
Julia x

Monday, 28 September 2009

Charity Auction Bear

A little Panda made my me (You can see him here)

Was auctioned off to raise funds for Make-A-Wish Foundation. I am very happy to report that the little guy sold for an awesome £115!

Bidding was fierce and I know that he has gone to a very good friend, who is somewhat of a legend in Star Wars Costuming circles. Enjoy your new home little Buddy!

I also got asked for a few more comissions for christmas over the weekend and a few more people expressed interest - I had better get sewing!!!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Comission Bear is ready

Say Hi to Cookie. Well, that is what I've been calling him but I'm sure his new Mum will give him a name.
He is made from awesome tipped Mohair, fully jointed with a hand embroidered foot pad.
He was made from an all new pattern, designed just for him :-)
His new Mum is expecting her first baby in December and wanted a special bear for the nursery. I was happy to oblidge.
I am so pleased with his sweet little face and the shape of his feet.
I've decided I'm really not keen on traditional arms, I much prefer turned down paws and I think they complement big feet. Big feet is really what I love most of all.
Hope you like him!
Love Julia xxx

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


To the new look Emo Bears Blog...

Complete with my new Official Logo designed by a very talented and kind friend. Hope you like!

Let me know what you all think!!

Life continues to be hectic, I'm working on a Comission, a Challenge pair for Teddy talk forums and a donation for the UK Garrison's annual Charity ball....Busy busy busy!

Things pet wise are a little hectic too; Stitch has been diagnosed with a fatal, untreatable dental condition. All I can do is to keep him comfy in whatever time he has left, he turns 3 next month. :-(

Monday, 3 August 2009

Going to try to be good and update this more. lol,
My current project is a bear for myself. Unfortunatley, the poor lady is just a dis-emboided head that is floating around as I ran out of stuffing...

She will take a while anyway as I am awaiting the fabric for her dress to arrive from india.

I have started formulating a pattern at a friends request, so it will be interesting to see how it all comes together. It is the first time I am attempting to look at a known object and re-invent it. I'm finding it akward to try and think in 3 dimensions. It's a challenge to be sure.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Re- Design

Hi all,

am hoping to re-design my blog style very soon as a few people have commented that it's not easy to read - so I hope to address that.

love Julia x

Emo Bearz for Charity

I am happy to let you all know, that an original Emo Bear was auctioned off for R + J's Chinchilla rescue.

He raised an awesome £55 :-)

Thursday, 18 June 2009


Just a note to say, you can find me on twitter...

I am trying to tweet a bit more these days.....

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Exciting News...

What a weekend!

This weekend, I managed to finally pass my driving test (6th time lucky!) and got engaged to my boyfriend of 5 years. Hasn't all sunk in yet properly. x

Monday, 1 June 2009


Thank you all for 'bearing' with me. Hopefully we are finally on the verge of getting back to normal!

Following Leroy's death, Stitch developed serious health problems and he nearly died. He pulled through only to pick a fight with my other Chinchilla - who attacked him quite badly.

He has been on medication ever since - and finally we are reaching the end point of his treatment - once his nasty big scabs have fallen off, all will be well.

I haven't had time to finish any bears as I have been working on a swop bear for Teddy Talk forums - but she's nearly done and I look forward to being able to create a new bear. :-)

love Julia x

Friday, 1 May 2009

It gets worse..

I was hoping to be back up and running by now.

Sadly by other first Chinchilla, Stitch is seriously ill now and needs hand feeding 24/7 - So no time for bears just now :-(

Sunday, 19 April 2009


Sorry for not dropping by for a while, but things have been a bit mad round here.

I got a new Chinchilla, called Lucky and have been busy settling him in.

Hope to have more to show you again soon :-)

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Quick note

Just a little note to say my Baby boy Leroy, passed away last night, aged 2 years, 3 months.

He just couldn't fight any more. x

Monday, 23 March 2009

Tough Times.

Things are difficult at the moment, and as much as I'd like to share my latest creations with you - honestly, I haven't got time.

My Chinchilla boy, Leroy is very ill. He's currently not eating for himself and isn't pooping either. He is in and out of the vets who are mystified by the causes of his illness - despite him being looked after by a Chinchilla specialist.

If he doesn't eat, he doesn't poop - if he doesn't poop, he could die.

So at the moment, I am feeding him every few hours trying to keep him going in between vet visits. He's had to be knocked out for x-rays and blood tests today - I can bring him home in a few hours. He didn't look good this morning.

Monday, 16 March 2009

My First Sale!

I'm pleased to announce that Harley has found a new Mum. A friend of mine is buying him as she fell in love with him

So I guess that officially makes me a Bear Artist :-)


It's been a great day, Leroy (the chinchilla on the right) has been to the vets for dental x-rays - I was so scared of what they would find and it turns out, he's in great shape. he had a minor bit of work done but his roots are clear.

He's at home sulking with me now.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Introducing Harley

Please Welcome my newest Creation - Harley!

Harley is mostly made from Intercal Mohair, with an Alpaca inset muzzle. He also has funky cotton paw pads and matching Bandana!

He's 14" high and has the cutest little Emo fringe hairdo. I really am so pleased with how this guy turned out.

He's cotterpin joined and is stuffed with heavy polyfil to make him feel solid. He's got english eyes, and is needle and sicssor sculpted. He is also carefully hand shaded to give him depth to his eyes and pads.

He will be travelling in a couple of weeks to his new home at Fuzzbutt where I am hoping a bear mummy or daddy will give him a new home.

Hope you like him! xxx

Friday, 13 March 2009

Another Finished bear

Finished bear no.3 in my comissions tonight - only 2 to go!

I've yet to confirm a final name for him or take pictures- Got to wait for some natural light to take his pictures.

He's from a 100% own designed pattern. I look forward to presenting him to you all soon!

On a personal level, things aren't so great at the moment. I'm feeling kinda low.

I feel trapped by my circumstances - I can't afford to leave home and I'm suffocated with my own stuff. I wish I wasn't such a horder!

I feel like I'm getting old and getting nowhere. I'm the same place that I was 5 Years ago - when I got a job to make do whilst I decide what to do with my life. I'd like to maybe be a bear artist - But I can't see myself ever getting to that level - but it's early days really - I will feel happier when I've sold my first bear.

I'm getting to that age now where all my relatives of a similar age are all settling down, getting married, having kids - And me?

I want those things but I just can't see it happening.

Still, the bear making is very theraputic - If I can concentrate on that, I don't get too down. If that fails, I go play WOW. Killing stuff make me feel better!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Hats off to Mini bear makers!

Just thought I'd drop by and say I am so impressed by teddy makers who make minatures- Honestly! I don't know how you guys cope.

I made a mini bear for a friend's birthday - the work on the Fuzzbutt bears meant I didn't have time for a big one - and he was so much hard work!

ok, so the stitching was quicker - that was about it! The stuffing was a billion times more difficult! Trying to get it rolled up small - there was more stuffing on me and the bear than in it by the time I was done.

The pulled toes didn't go so well either but probably because I was too scared to pull really hard - and now, I have hand cramp from turning the tiny cotter pins today!!

The one thing I am proud of is his sculpted face and mouth. He's got such a sweet little smile indented into his muzzle. He took just as much sculpting as a large bear!

The downside? Well, I followed the jointing marks as per the pattern (a Japanese one) and so for some reason, his arms are so far back on his pudgy body that his arms are permanently wide open. lol.

At least he looks like he permanently wants a hug!

I'm not too keen on his body either - it's a four piece and it's far too round with no real definied back.

I just hope his new mum likes him!

I certainly won't be entering the world of professional minatures anytime soon! I'll leave that to the experts!!!

Back to bear No.3 who has had a arm mishap so now I have to make him a new one!!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Introducing Spike!

Welcome to my second Creation for Fuzzbutt - Spike!

His pattern is by Remembears and kindly allows created OOAK bears for sale.

He's 10 1/2" High made from 10mm Black Mohair and a very funky cotton print! . His eyes are glass, handpainted by me with some glitter nail varnish for that subtle sparkle.

He is cotter pin 5 way jointed and has a handsewn collar with his own funky handmade Emo Bears tag. His face has been both sicssor and needle sculpted and his nose and mouth are varigated perle cotton with shades of pink.

He is stuffed with polyfill and steel shot for a nice substantial feel.

He will be looking for a new home, priced £50. If you want to adopt him early, just let me know.

love Julia xxx

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Introducing Monty.

Here's Monty!

My first Emo Bear that will be offered for sale through Fuzzbutt - in the future!

He's a sweet little mouse. A quiet little Soul he loves to spend his days snoozing in a hammock :-)

he's made from Mohair and upholstery velvet (vintage). He is cotter pin jointed and filled with polyfill and steel shot.

Hope you like him!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Work has begun

Work on my first commisoned bear has begun :-)

I currently have a body and a head all sewn up. just got to finish the limbs and get them stuffed :-)

photos when I have them!

This time, i'll try size them better.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Exciting Times!


I'm proud to announce that Emo Bears has got it's first comission for a piece to be sold on a Friend's website!

All I've got to do is design the bear to be sold now. Better get my thinking cap on!

The first piece will be a mouse/rat due to the nature of the website that it will be sold on. Can't wait! I'm going to try for something fairly traditional in style.

Thursday, 5 February 2009


I'm just busy hatching plans to try and design the First Emo bear to be sold. I've got a week off work for my birthday coming up, So I plan to make the bear then.

Exciting times!

On a personal level, the weather is flipping awful at the moment! Snow, snow and more snow - The shop shut early on Monday (my day off!) due to the weather but has been open since - I want a snow day!!! So I will be praying for heavy snow overnight so I can get my room in order.....

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Apologies from Emo Bears

Hi all,

Sorry the picture isn't too great, i've got no idea how to make the pictures the right size - but if you click on them, they show up.

I have started a new bear, from the exclusive Teddy Bear Society Membership -

A must for any bear artist as a great place to be discovered and a place to find your supplies and everything! it aims to link all things teddy and basic membership is free.

Give them a visit! and if you're part of Teddy bear society, please join in! The more people join, the better the resource will become.

TTFN, Julia.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Here she is!

Her name is Aimee. She's a Baby Panda made from Helmbold sparse Mohair. She's 10" High, heavy Polyfill stuffed with glass eyes. She's traditionally jointed with cotter pins and she has vintage upholstery paw pads.
She's been needle sculpted, sicssor sculpted and hand shaded to give her character.

I'm very proud of her, I designed her from scratch and i think for a first attempt, she's lovely.

She's not for sale as she has some issues. The hardest part was insetting the eye patches. I do love Pandas.

Saturday, 31 January 2009

First Own Designed Bear

I'm super excited to annonuce that my very first 100% own designed bear is done! She's a white and lilac Baby Panda.
She's got a cute little ribbon and a sad, wistful expression.
She's made from 100% Mohair and is totally hand stitched - I don't use machines, I like to do the work myself.
She has glass eyes and is cotter-pin jointed with vintage upholstery paw pads with have been hand shaded. Her seams have been shaded as have her ears and her eyes. She has pulled toes and a lovely glittery matted effect ribbon.

There are things i would change certainly, but for a first attempt, I'm quite impressed with myself. She's very traditional in style.

I will add pictures either tomorrow or monday, as it is too late to get some natural light to photograph her with. :-)

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Logo on it's way

My Sister has come up with an awesome design for my Logo; i've just go to scan it and sharpen it up and it's good to go.

Wierdly i originally wanted my site to have a red rose on it, and she's already got it on there! By asking her to design it, i know there will be no issues in the future and it was 100% designed for me.

It has also given me an idea for how I can make some cool anime style emo bears too - Personally i prefer a more traditional type of bear, but i must admit, she's come up with something really cool!!

I look forward to sharing it with you all.

Also, i finished the intial sewing of my first own designed bear today; i also sculpted some pulled toes, which thanks to a very helpful PDF by Nikola Bears (purchased on eBay if anyone else wants one!) turned out much, much better than my previous attempt.

I have decided I definitley have a 'thing' for big feet on bears!!

Take care!

P.s. All is well in Chinchilla land; Leroy was cruelly subjected to cuddles earlier and is having a bit of a strop! Stitch is the Chilled out boy he always is

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Making Progress

Hi all!

Well, i'm slowly making progress and have registered the web address :-)

I wouldn't bother trying to visit it yet though because all it will do is bounce it back here! My Sister has been tasked with helping me to come up with a banner and logo for Emo Bears; i look forward to seeing what she comes up with.

I've also bought some funky emo fabrics to dress the bears/for paw pad material too.

Other than that, i've got some tag ideas which should be pretty cool.

Thanks to everyone for visiting s far - i'll try and be good and update regularly.

on the non-bear front, Leroy and Stitch are doing great :-)

Monday, 26 January 2009

Welcome To Emo Bears.....

Welcome everyone to Emo Bears!

I live in the Uk and am learning to become a Teddy Bear artist.

At the moment, I'm still learning new things every day about making bears - It's a very fulfilling hobby to see something start as a line drawing and turn into a 3d animal with a life of it's own!

Emo Bears was dreamt up by myself some 6 months ago as a concept for a different, unique and distinct series of bears. At the moment, they exsist in my head, waiting to come out when i've learned the skills to make them real.

It's still early days and I am currently creating my very first 100% self designed bear. She's a purple and white Panda, and I have no idea how she will end up!!

I'll post the results when I have them!

So for now, I invite you to join me on my Journey of discovery as I try and figure out just what an Emo-bear is and what it looks like.

I have a fondness for soulful sad looking bears, and am endlessly inspired by the random clothing combinations of my Emo Sister.

Here's to the future.....