Thursday, 19 November 2009

Just a quickie...

Just a note really, to say I finished my Christmas Ornament bear tonight. He's super sweet and I'd love to keep him! I might post a sneak peek at him soon; But don't want to reveal him all, as it would spoil the suprise for the recipent if she saw it!

I am honoured to be sending a bear to this person as it is someone whose work I greatly admire, and hope they aren't too disappointed by my less than perfect creation!

Once I have confirmation that bear has arrived, I will post 'proper' pictures.

Suffice it to say, I will never, ever make a bear of this size or that pattern ever again. Never.

Mini bears were not designed to be double neck jointed, but somehow I pulled it off. It was difficult enough that I won't try that one again!

He's made of the most lovely Tyber synthetic though - and the good news is, I just managed to pick up some more on eBay tonight. I like to sit and just stroke it.... tehehehe.

It's nice to have finally finished a bear of my own design again.


  1. Oh, Julia! A mini bear with a DOUBLE neck joint! I am in AWE! I have decided that I greatly admire mini bears, but they are not for me to make. I originally started making a mini for my ornament swap, gave up, and needle felted a mouse instead. They are just TOO fiddley for my fingers.
    Bingle Bears

  2. Well done you! I've got to do a hello kitty miniature for my daughter, it will be weird after doing bigger bears but a change too. Forceps at the ready!

  3. Ooooh, I can't wait to see your ornament! Double Neck Joint? EEEE!

    I too hope my swap partner likes their bear, since I highly respect their work... I'm so worried she won't!!!!

  4. Mini's are so hard!! But I'm not so keen on ornaments that are just bear heads (although I am sure I will like whatever I recieve) as I think it looks like someone has decapitated a; So I had to go mini.

    I've decided I like double neck joints as they give a definite neck and my bears have lacked them so far.

    I have to say, the ornament looks tons better than the mohair prototype - it looks a bit weedy, but using the synthetic really adds bulk.

    I loose patience when trying to turn mini's and admire any artist that can make a mini that looks like it could be a large bear.

    Thanks for your kind comments. x