Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Introducing Monty.

Here's Monty!

My first Emo Bear that will be offered for sale through Fuzzbutt - http://www.fuzzbutt.co.uk in the future!

He's a sweet little mouse. A quiet little Soul he loves to spend his days snoozing in a hammock :-)

he's made from Mohair and upholstery velvet (vintage). He is cotter pin jointed and filled with polyfill and steel shot.

Hope you like him!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Work has begun

Work on my first commisoned bear has begun :-)

I currently have a body and a head all sewn up. just got to finish the limbs and get them stuffed :-)

photos when I have them!

This time, i'll try size them better.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Exciting Times!


I'm proud to announce that Emo Bears has got it's first comission for a piece to be sold on a Friend's website!

All I've got to do is design the bear to be sold now. Better get my thinking cap on!

The first piece will be a mouse/rat due to the nature of the website that it will be sold on. Can't wait! I'm going to try for something fairly traditional in style.

Thursday, 5 February 2009


I'm just busy hatching plans to try and design the First Emo bear to be sold. I've got a week off work for my birthday coming up, So I plan to make the bear then.

Exciting times!

On a personal level, the weather is flipping awful at the moment! Snow, snow and more snow - The shop shut early on Monday (my day off!) due to the weather but has been open since - I want a snow day!!! So I will be praying for heavy snow overnight so I can get my room in order.....

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Apologies from Emo Bears

Hi all,

Sorry the picture isn't too great, i've got no idea how to make the pictures the right size - but if you click on them, they show up.

I have started a new bear, from the exclusive Teddy Bear Society Membership -


A must for any bear artist as a great place to be discovered and a place to find your supplies and everything! it aims to link all things teddy and basic membership is free.

Give them a visit! and if you're part of Teddy bear society, please join in! The more people join, the better the resource will become.

TTFN, Julia.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Here she is!

Her name is Aimee. She's a Baby Panda made from Helmbold sparse Mohair. She's 10" High, heavy Polyfill stuffed with glass eyes. She's traditionally jointed with cotter pins and she has vintage upholstery paw pads.
She's been needle sculpted, sicssor sculpted and hand shaded to give her character.

I'm very proud of her, I designed her from scratch and i think for a first attempt, she's lovely.

She's not for sale as she has some issues. The hardest part was insetting the eye patches. I do love Pandas.