Saturday, 18 September 2010

Random Crafting Urges

I know the answer, with almost certainty as most creative people are alike.

But does anyone else suffer from Random crafting urges?

The bears have taken a little backseat right now and I have been working on a massive super complex cross stitch right now - I find them theraputic in an almost mindless way. look at the chart, do a few stitches, change colour, off you go. Nothing I like better than to 'watch' a movie or a show whilst stitching away.

I have stitched for a fair few years now, easily over 10 although I am very prone to starting something and not finishing it through sheer boredom - or another random crafting urge hitting me square in the face. This whole thing not helped by the fact I like super complex cross stitch - cos it just looks so much cooler when it's done.

This is what I'm working on right now. Simple huh? I've done about 1/6 in a couple of months. I do love Tigers.
I might put up progress reports so you can watch it grow. My living room is all creams and browns so it should look lovely when done.

Anyway! I was stitching along most days (in between bears) quite happily. Then one day I read a trade magazine at work.

For those of you who don't know, I work in a Jewellers. Not a fancy bespoke designer one I admit, it's a High Street Jewellers. Not the best know but we have around 126 branches in England and Wales.

No-one else reads those magazines I don't think, but I love to keep up with what is cool in the jewellery world.

I came across a lovely bracelet, which consisted of a half persian chain used as a charm bracelet. It was seriously nice.

Now half persian is a Chainmail pattern. For a while now, people have been making jewellery using jump rings in Chainmaill patterns. You will hear it referred to as Chain Maille when used in this manner.

I stumbled across it really when I found a kit one day. I have done a couple of patterns, Byzantine and Kings Helm.It is really simple and straight forward once you have learned the pattern of the rings; and working with jewellery I am very used to opening and closing jump rings. Fiddly but you get a really cool effect when it's done.

So I have decided I need to learn half persian to make a bracelet just like the one I saw. As stunning as it was, I have't got £375 when I can spend £4 on some rings instead!

Rings arrived this morning much to my Fiances amusement. He sees me with a package and says, what have you got? and just gave me a real funny look when I said a pile of jump

So yet again, my crafting as been derailed by a random urge/inspiration.

Still, Never a Dull Moment, is it??

Monday, 6 September 2010

Food for Thought: Teddy Bear Natural History.

A very good friend of mine shared an artist website that she came across which I find  fascinating -

Stephanie makes a statement about our desire to shape our world using the Teddy Bear as an example. The resulting needlefelted pieces look as if they are indeed copying something real - she also does more biological work.

I would share this with the Teddy Community at large on TT; But I get the feeling that it may provoke strong reactions in some people.

A little statement about our constant need to mess with the world around us.

Hope you enjoy,

Love Julia xxx

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Summer Swap Bear

Here's my Bear for the Teddy Talk Summer Bear Swap.
He was sent ages ago, but my partner has been very ill and had to have a knee operation, so everything has been a little delayed. She has just let me know that he has arrived so I will now share him with you. 

I went for a little puppy in colours that remind me of summer, and ice-cream for some reason. I went a bit mad on the insets. He has white inset muzzle, paws, toes and the tips of the back of his ears. I like to think of him as a rather pretty scruffy street dog. 

It reminds me of just how far my skills have progressed in such a little time - and my noses are getting better with every bear.

Clare loves him, so that is what matters most.

So a little piece of summer for you all - even if it feels like summer is now well and truly over.