Thursday, 2 September 2010

Summer Swap Bear

Here's my Bear for the Teddy Talk Summer Bear Swap.
He was sent ages ago, but my partner has been very ill and had to have a knee operation, so everything has been a little delayed. She has just let me know that he has arrived so I will now share him with you. 

I went for a little puppy in colours that remind me of summer, and ice-cream for some reason. I went a bit mad on the insets. He has white inset muzzle, paws, toes and the tips of the back of his ears. I like to think of him as a rather pretty scruffy street dog. 

It reminds me of just how far my skills have progressed in such a little time - and my noses are getting better with every bear.

Clare loves him, so that is what matters most.

So a little piece of summer for you all - even if it feels like summer is now well and truly over. 



  1. What fun, glad he finally made it!

  2. Hi!

    Dot is by Ginger @ bearbits... I LOVE her bears!!! (I posted it here and on my blog, because sometimes I miss when people respond to questions on their own blog... doh)

  3. thanks Heather he's gorgeous. Must start saving..... lol