Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Sad News


October 2006- February 2010

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that my special little man was put to sleep yesterday.

After a long fight, since being diagnosed with an untreatable condition in May 2009, He contiued to loose weight, despite being on a large amount of pain killers.

He was loving, happy and bouncy right up until I said goodbye to him last night, he wasn't suffering and I felt it only fair to him that he deserved to die with dignity, not waste away.

Once of my first Chinchillas, He joins his 'brother' Leroy up on the Rainbow bridge, where I have no doubt he is causing mischief and stuffing his face - now it no longer hurts to eat.

One of the sweetest Chins I have ever known, he loved cuddles and kisses and would make friends with anybody. A big beefy boy, who suprised everyone he met with the size of him.

His friend Lucky will miss his taunting and someone to 'chat' too.

Miss You Always Little Man

Everyone who met you fell in love, will miss our kisses and cuddles.