Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all at Merry Christmas from me and the furries here.

May all your wishes come true, and your days be peaceful.

I have finally finished work and am somewhat exhausted, I only have today and tomorrow off and then it is back to work. Retail is not the best job for anyone. It can be challenging and tiring, and my thoughts are with my colleagues, some of whom are currently still in work - just to fuel people's needs to shop at increasingly long hours, and at wierd times. I would have thought that shift workers have sympathy with shop workers.

This festive season, as always as shown me the best of people, and the worst of people. The kind of people who would be the first to kick off if they were being rudely treated by shop staff; are usually the kind of people kicking off against us. Next time you go shopping; spare a smile and maybe a merry christmas/happy new year for the person working very hard for not much money - just so you can do some last minute shopping. It won't cost you anything, but it always brightens my day when I feel appreciated rather than like some slave there to give people whatever they want.

They say, that the customer is always right. I can tell you for a fact that they are very often wrong.

People amaze me. in fact, I was reading "Unseen Academicals" in bed this morning, and would like to share a quote that made me smile...

"He didn't like the general public much, an affliction that affects many who have to deal with the general public over a long period of time...."

It's true. The more I see of people in general, the more bitter and angry people make me.

Because I happen to work in a shop, it does not make customers better than me. Something else customers seem to forget. They are ALWAYS suprised when they demand to see the manager (i'm assistant manager but work on opposite shifts to the store manager) and out trots a 5"7 blonde 27 year old, who to be honest with you, looks much younger. I'm sure they would pass out if they knew I have a hard earned psychology degree.

I then also get no respect because....wait for it.....I am not a man.

Surely I can speak to a man in charge?

No, you are stuck with me. If you are nice and polite, you are likely to get whatever you want within reason. If you are agressive or rude, I will dig my heels in and give you nothing. What angers me more, is if the manager is in, he comes out and says exactly the same thing and the customer says "oh, ok then" and goes off happy!!

If you have a problem, be nice, polite and calm and understand that whatever the problem is, it is unlikely to be the fault of the person infront of you and we are people too.

Also, don't try to tell me your watch is faulty because the stones don't sparkle as much as the one in the window, because you wear yours all the time AND DON'T CLEAN IT! Dirty things are dirty because you haven't cleaned them, not because they are supposed to stay pristine forever.

Not that my 'day job' frustrates

Then you get the other customers who are lovely and appreciate you. I will always go the extra mile for these people. I had someone take my name the other day so he could write a positive letter to head office for me; a lady yesterday who couldn't thank me enough for getting a second thing repaired at no extra charge to her.

I am always trying to do my best and it's nice to know that occasionally people notice.

So yes, be it the person packing your bags at tesco, or the frustrated shift manager at a jewellery store - be nice, smile and thank them - cos you might just make their day.   :-)

I work long hours, till late at night, 10/11 hour shifts on a saturday - for less than £12,000 a year after tax. it really is one of the worst jobs out there. I shall chill out now and enjoy my 2 days of holiday, before I go back to being abused by people who don't like/don't want/doesn't fit christmas gifts and it all starts over again.

On the up side, I have a comission and I hope to share with you each stage of the bear's progress, hopefully that way his new mum can see him come together. I've got the most lovely mohair to make him out of - it's strokeably soft, and some lovely pink tipped synthetic for another bear.

Here's hoping you all have a joyful time, and ignore me being a bit grinchy, I've been on midnight shifts this week!

love Julia and the fluffs here xxx

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Exciting News!

Avaliable from, Come 3 Emo Bears;

My first bears to be made commercially avalible to the general public.

They'd be happy if you want to drop by and visit them! ....

Exciting times! Now I'd better get sewing!!

Ornament revealed...

Here he is....The little bear of my dreams (well nightmares...)

I've used the picture that Tami took of him - she's better at it than me. This little man is about 4" high, with a double neck joint - which was the source of my frustration often, I love the effect it gives but it's VERY fiddly when you are using tiny necks and tiny disks!!

He's fully jointed with cotter pins, and hand shaded.

I made his little chain myself out of aluminum jump rings (yet another craft I have discovered)

He's also got little pulled toes, of which I am quite proud...

You can see how my skills don't compare to Tami's!!

Still, it broke my heart to part with the little guy after I made him - but he was made to bring some holiday cheer and I know he will be very much Cherished by his new Mum.

I can't wait to recieve mine!!