Saturday, 5 December 2009

Ornament revealed...

Here he is....The little bear of my dreams (well nightmares...)

I've used the picture that Tami took of him - she's better at it than me. This little man is about 4" high, with a double neck joint - which was the source of my frustration often, I love the effect it gives but it's VERY fiddly when you are using tiny necks and tiny disks!!

He's fully jointed with cotter pins, and hand shaded.

I made his little chain myself out of aluminum jump rings (yet another craft I have discovered)

He's also got little pulled toes, of which I am quite proud...

You can see how my skills don't compare to Tami's!!

Still, it broke my heart to part with the little guy after I made him - but he was made to bring some holiday cheer and I know he will be very much Cherished by his new Mum.

I can't wait to recieve mine!!


  1. Oh, your ornament bear is absolutely adorable! Tami must be thrilled! Great work!

  2. He is gorgeous, no worries about him being liked!

  3. Oh he is gorgeous! That little cute face is adorable!