Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Introducing Monty.

Here's Monty!

My first Emo Bear that will be offered for sale through Fuzzbutt - http://www.fuzzbutt.co.uk in the future!

He's a sweet little mouse. A quiet little Soul he loves to spend his days snoozing in a hammock :-)

he's made from Mohair and upholstery velvet (vintage). He is cotter pin jointed and filled with polyfill and steel shot.

Hope you like him!


  1. Monty is a gorgeous little fella :) I love your chinchilla too - looks just like the one my sister in law has. Beary Hugs, Catherine and my Bumpkin Bears

  2. Well he's a real sweetie. You are learning very fast, fabulous!

  3. Fabulous little sweetie, well done.

  4. Thank you all :-)

    Leroy will be chuffed he's famous now :-) Stitch will probably be throwing a strop that he isn't.