Wednesday, 25 November 2009

A new Bear is Revealed

I say Revealed, Because this sweet little guy has been with me for a while,
I made him back in October, when things were a little more settled than they are right now.

He's my take on a more 'traditional' style of bear, with nice short sparse mohair.

I like his ears, and his sweet expression.

I haven't really formally named him. although he reminds me a lot of Sooty - don't you think?

I'll leave it to his new Mum.

Yes, this guy is spoken for and will be going to live up in Scotland, I hope he likes snow!

He's going to live with the lovely friend who made my logo for me as a thank you.

Hope you enjoyed meeting him!


  1. Absolutely adorable!

    Definitely a great payment for logo work!!!!

  2. Well done you. What a lovely gift.