Saturday, 31 January 2009

First Own Designed Bear

I'm super excited to annonuce that my very first 100% own designed bear is done! She's a white and lilac Baby Panda.
She's got a cute little ribbon and a sad, wistful expression.
She's made from 100% Mohair and is totally hand stitched - I don't use machines, I like to do the work myself.
She has glass eyes and is cotter-pin jointed with vintage upholstery paw pads with have been hand shaded. Her seams have been shaded as have her ears and her eyes. She has pulled toes and a lovely glittery matted effect ribbon.

There are things i would change certainly, but for a first attempt, I'm quite impressed with myself. She's very traditional in style.

I will add pictures either tomorrow or monday, as it is too late to get some natural light to photograph her with. :-)

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