Monday, 26 January 2009

Welcome To Emo Bears.....

Welcome everyone to Emo Bears!

I live in the Uk and am learning to become a Teddy Bear artist.

At the moment, I'm still learning new things every day about making bears - It's a very fulfilling hobby to see something start as a line drawing and turn into a 3d animal with a life of it's own!

Emo Bears was dreamt up by myself some 6 months ago as a concept for a different, unique and distinct series of bears. At the moment, they exsist in my head, waiting to come out when i've learned the skills to make them real.

It's still early days and I am currently creating my very first 100% self designed bear. She's a purple and white Panda, and I have no idea how she will end up!!

I'll post the results when I have them!

So for now, I invite you to join me on my Journey of discovery as I try and figure out just what an Emo-bear is and what it looks like.

I have a fondness for soulful sad looking bears, and am endlessly inspired by the random clothing combinations of my Emo Sister.

Here's to the future.....


  1. Hello, looking forward to seeing your Emo bears come to life, have fun on your bear making journey , it's great fun and highly addictive!!

  2. I can't wait to see what you come up with!