Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Logo on it's way

My Sister has come up with an awesome design for my Logo; i've just go to scan it and sharpen it up and it's good to go.

Wierdly i originally wanted my site to have a red rose on it, and she's already got it on there! By asking her to design it, i know there will be no issues in the future and it was 100% designed for me.

It has also given me an idea for how I can make some cool anime style emo bears too - Personally i prefer a more traditional type of bear, but i must admit, she's come up with something really cool!!

I look forward to sharing it with you all.

Also, i finished the intial sewing of my first own designed bear today; i also sculpted some pulled toes, which thanks to a very helpful PDF by Nikola Bears (purchased on eBay if anyone else wants one!) turned out much, much better than my previous attempt.

I have decided I definitley have a 'thing' for big feet on bears!!

Take care!

P.s. All is well in Chinchilla land; Leroy was cruelly subjected to cuddles earlier and is having a bit of a strop! Stitch is the Chilled out boy he always is

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