Sunday, 15 March 2009

Introducing Harley

Please Welcome my newest Creation - Harley!

Harley is mostly made from Intercal Mohair, with an Alpaca inset muzzle. He also has funky cotton paw pads and matching Bandana!

He's 14" high and has the cutest little Emo fringe hairdo. I really am so pleased with how this guy turned out.

He's cotterpin joined and is stuffed with heavy polyfil to make him feel solid. He's got english eyes, and is needle and sicssor sculpted. He is also carefully hand shaded to give him depth to his eyes and pads.

He will be travelling in a couple of weeks to his new home at Fuzzbutt where I am hoping a bear mummy or daddy will give him a new home.

Hope you like him! xxx


  1. He looks fabulous, you're making some wonderful bears. Love that Emo fringe, in my day it was New Romantic style.

  2. Thanks Amanda :-) I'm really chuffed with him.