Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Hats off to Mini bear makers!

Just thought I'd drop by and say I am so impressed by teddy makers who make minatures- Honestly! I don't know how you guys cope.

I made a mini bear for a friend's birthday - the work on the Fuzzbutt bears meant I didn't have time for a big one - and he was so much hard work!

ok, so the stitching was quicker - that was about it! The stuffing was a billion times more difficult! Trying to get it rolled up small - there was more stuffing on me and the bear than in it by the time I was done.

The pulled toes didn't go so well either but probably because I was too scared to pull really hard - and now, I have hand cramp from turning the tiny cotter pins today!!

The one thing I am proud of is his sculpted face and mouth. He's got such a sweet little smile indented into his muzzle. He took just as much sculpting as a large bear!

The downside? Well, I followed the jointing marks as per the pattern (a Japanese one) and so for some reason, his arms are so far back on his pudgy body that his arms are permanently wide open. lol.

At least he looks like he permanently wants a hug!

I'm not too keen on his body either - it's a four piece and it's far too round with no real definied back.

I just hope his new mum likes him!

I certainly won't be entering the world of professional minatures anytime soon! I'll leave that to the experts!!!

Back to bear No.3 who has had a arm mishap so now I have to make him a new one!!

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