Monday, 2 August 2010

I'm Back!

Back to my blog, and back to school!!

First of all, many apologies. This year has been a rollercoaster and a half!!

I lost my beloved little man in February, I bought my first home, I rehomed two more furries and then my Fiance was forced out of his job.

Things have been more up and down than a Yo Yo!!

First the bad. Things at my Fiance's work went wrong; there was an investigation. He was the only one honest enough to admit he had made a mistake, by taking the advice of someone more senior in a matter of security and it backfired. Basically, everyone sat back and let him take the wrap for it all - Even though others were, IMO more to blame and not doing their jobs.

He was forced to resign to stop a hearing go ahead that would have stayed on his permanent record. No matter what the outcome (although he had a strong defence) it would not have allowed him to safely walk out of his job and into another had it gone ahead.

As it is, He has been offered another - which we hope will not fall through but it leaves us in a bad place finacially. Our mortgage cover will not kick in as he had to resign therefore his unemployment is 'his fault'. Luckily we have a bit put by, but not a lot. We are currently living off cheap beans, noodles and worse of all, cheap meat (urgh!! Won't make that mistake again, I'd rather go veggie than eat the mince we bought again). Hahaha that almost read Mice...I'm not unconvinced that mouse would taste better tbh.

We are without his half of the money until the end of september, and when he does work, it will be further away, for less money. But at least it will be a job.

On the up side.....

I do have two more special little men in my life. A lovely pair of young Ebony Chinchillas, They are around 16 months old each and although they aren't related to each other they have been together since they were weaned and are devoted to each other.

They were bred by a friend of mine, who for personal reasons has had to rehome quite a few of her Chinchillas. I contacted her to see if she had any babies due and she told me about this special pair of boys. We renamed them Bill and

Bill is the nosiest Chin I have ever met, ever. He will follow you around and just *has* to know what is going on. He's a friendly little soul. His Mum died when he was a few hours old, so he was hand raised a little and rushed miles away to be fostered by another Chin. To say all that, he's a proper Big bum Chin - just the way they should be.

Ted is a sweet heart. He's a little more shy but will happily be held with no protest (once you have caught him!). He's got a corkscrew tail like a pig and had bald patches on it when he came to live here. They have grown back, I am happy to report. He was the only survivor of a triplet litter and is a little battered on the way.

They like to tease Lucky through the bars who remains a proper Mummy's boy. They both eat like horses though and are very good with people - most are shocked by how friendly and laid back they are - Just goes to show you how important a good breeder is in their upbringing. They were never supposed to live with anyone else, she was so attached. I am honoured. I was even more honoured when she offered me her all time favourite and most special boy - but we felt that it would be unfair to the Chin in question and the mardy Mr. Lucky, who would have to had shared. He's not a 'sharing' kind of guy.... lol.

I will post pictures when I have time.

I haven't had much time for bear making. I made a swop bear that went to australia - but I have yet to hear if he made it or not. I made another couple and started another.

That's all on hold though, I have signed up for Basic Boot Camp at EBearz University.

For anyone interested in bear making, it's a Free course run by a top Bear Artist. Sign up and join the fun!! -

I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I win a nice piece of Mohair I'm bidding on, On Ebay! 

I will try to be good and get back into the swing of things - Now I remember why I never managed to successfully keep a diary. 

Love to you all xxx


  1. Keeping everything crossed that the job works out. After seeing so many people signed up, I signed up for bootcamp today too!

  2. I hope you have some better luck now! Our little doggies are so special and they never answer back and always in for a cuddle.....much like bears.
    I would love if you would follow my blog too!
    Hugs Wendy

  3. Oh no! I hope the new job works out!!
    Ive signed up for Bootcamp XD Thanks!!

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that things start to go more smoothly!

  4. What a bad few months, I hope things get better.