Tuesday, 16 March 2010

In Chaos!

Hi all,

I know I've gone a bit quiet of late, but there's a good reason.

Not only did I loose my Baby back in february, But I also had put an offer on a house.

As I result, I have just bought my own home! exciting stuff! of course it means the bear making is all on hold just now as there is just so much to sort out and do! Due to buying a repossession, it has been both fast and very hard work. The house itself is in good condition with not much work required to live in it but the water people and the electric people are refusing to connect us on the basis that we may be the previous occupants. So we have to supply a legal letter, stating that we are not these people before we can turn anything on. As a result, I have a house, I can't live in right now.

We have pretty much nothing so we are relying on family to buy us major appliances and furnature. Again, until we are straight, everything is up in the air. The end is in sight, but man is it exhausting...I just want to hide under my duvet and ignore it a while. I would, if I had a bed....lol.


  1. Eeep! Here's hoping that letter comes quickly and you get this all worked out!

  2. Yikes, well i hope they sort everything out for you soon, and you have your utilities connected!

  3. Its exciting and stressful, hope things work out.