Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Aging Bentley - Stage 1

Here is Bentley in his 'completed' form -

Please excuse the poor light, I finished him late yesterday afternoon and all the light had gone.
As you can see, we have a very new looking old bear.

Here are the results of the first stage of his distressing -

He's starting to look better!

To achieve this, I used some tweezers to pluck out bald patches along the seams. I also thought carefully about what might have happened to Bentley; in what ways he may have been cuddled and kissed.

He has bald patches on the end of his nose, and the middle of his forehead from being kissed.

I like to cuddle bears over my shoulder, so he has been aged to reflect this, bald under his arms, tops of his legs, middle of tummy and the tips of his toes. The fur has been thinned out across his back to reflect how he may have been held.

I'm happy with how it's gone so far. He needs to be dirtied up now as he's far too clean.


  1. Oh he looks fantastic!!!!

    I love his distressing so far, I can't wait to see him dirtied up a bit. I like the idea of taking fur off his forehead from kisses. :)

  2. He's had a bit of a major airbrush....lol. Piccies tomorrow. He's certainly dirty although not so much subtle....