Monday, 18 January 2010

Aging a Bear

Hi all,

For Chiristmas my Mum bought me a bear kit from Dempsey Designs "Bentley Bear". He's an old time Barbara Ann bear.

It's been really interesting making a more traditional style bear - although I have decided that 'humps' are definitley not for me, even if it does make him more 'old man' like and is typical of the style. I found the plastic joints easy to use - But I like my joints as tight as I can get them (to this end I am considering moving on to nut and bolt joints rather than cotter pins.

All in all, he has been a great experiment for me to try a VERY traditional bear - and I know that designing such things is not what I like.

Any how, I have decided that Bentley Bear looks far too clean and far too new for such an old style bear; to this end I am going to distress the poor guy. I like traditional bears that look a bit battered so I think that is what poor Bentley is going to experience.

I've read up on techniques a little; so all that remains is to sew on his ears and start aging him! I have aged up prop weapons before quite succesfully but those techniques will not work here. I will try and take some photos as I go - Maybe you can all see Bentley Bear changed into an 'Old' bear.

All excited.......!!!


  1. Here's the kit -

  2. Can't wait to see how you age him. I've always been interested in the bears that look "olde"
    Have fun!!!!

  3. Thank You. Poor Bently has already been quite dramtically plucked this evening - photos tomorrow If I get time before work! Urgh, night shifts!!